CSASC Student-Athletes of the Month: March 2024

Congratulations to Sabrina Lascano and Tyler Persuad from Holy Trinity Catholic High School for their selection as CSASC Student-Athletes of the Month for March! Here is what our teacher-coach nominators had to say about this month’s recipients:

“Sabrina is a Grade 11 student at Holy Trinity Catholic High School.  She is an extraordinary athlete who not only excels in volleyball, basketball, and soccer but also demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities as a captain of several of these teams. On and off the pitch, Sabrina is a shining example for her peers, consistently displaying integrity, dedication, and team spirit. Additionally, Sabrina is actively involved in the school community, contributing to its positive atmosphere and fostering a sense of unity among students.” 

“Tyler is a Grade 12 student at Holy Trinity Catholic High School. This school year, Tyler has showcased exceptional skills and leadership both on the volleyball and basketball courts, emerging as a dominant force for the Tigers in each sport. His commitment and dedication to both teams serve as an inspiration to his peers, embodying the true essence of a role model. Moreover, Tyler’s involvement in volunteering and supporting elementary events at the school exemplifies his generosity and sense of community spirit.”

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