Tradition Continues with 7th Annual Tip Off

On November 24-25, junior and senior boys basketball teams from Catholic School Athletics of Simcoe County gathered at St. Joseph’s CHS and St. Joan of Arc CHS for the annual pre-season tournament! This year marked the 7th time that the tournament has been held and serves as a great tradition for our school board.

“There’s a lot of preparation and energy that coaches put into getting their teams ready for this event but it’s well worth it. There were some great games, the kids had fun, and teams are in a better spot for the season ahead,” remarks Paul Zyla, tournament convenor and Vice Principal at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School.

Each team showcased incredible skill, determination, and passion for the game, making every match up an exciting one! Results can be found here. Thank you to all staff members who contributed to the success of the tournament and put in the extra time to make it happen. A huge congratulations to the Senior team of St. Joseph’s CHS and the Junior team of St. Joan of Arc CHS for earning the championship titles this year.

Mark your calendars as the regular season opens up on December 7, and you won’t want to miss out!