CSASC Student-Athletes of the Month: December 2023

Congratulations to Haley Flatt and Wes Harbec from Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School for their selection as CSASC Student-Athletes of the Month for December! Here is what our teacher-coach nominators had to say about this month’s recipients:

“Haley is a Grade 10 student-athlete at Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School in Collingwood.  Since Grade 9 she has been a key part of many teams as a Hurricane, including Cross Country Running, Flag Football, Girls Varsity Hockey, Track and Field, Basketball and Varsity Soccer.  She has represented OLB both years at OFSAA Cross Country Running.  Additionally, Haley is a solid defender on the Flag Football team and a force on the ice with the Varsity Girls Hockey team.  Haley represents OLB with integrity, spirit and sportsmanship.  She always gives her best effort and looks for ways to improve her athletic performance.  The Hurricanes are so proud of all her hard work.  Congratulations!”

“Wes is a Grade 9 student-athlete who has started at Our Lady of the Bay like a true hurricane!  He made a huge impact with the Cross Country Running team with all top 10 finishes and making it to OFSAA as a novice athlete.  He also was a solid part of the Junior Boys Volleyball team as setter.  Wes is now an integral member of the Varsity Boys Hockey team.   Wes has proven himself as an outstanding athlete in his first few months at Our Lady of the Bay and the Hurricanes are very excited to see Wes’ accomplishments over  the next few years. ”